About Us

Once upon a time in the land of blah there lived a man and a woman.  Not all that different from any other man or woman, but different.  Long before they ever met, they had something in common, a daydream.  Not a fuzzy far away dream but a lucid, so real you walk into a wall because you’re daydreaming, daydream.  Although they lived urban lives, they spent all day daydreaming of something else.

Then one day, fate smiled and they met.  After talking about all the usual stuff, the conversation drifted into a shared daydream.  He said, I’ve always wanted to move out to the country and start a little farm.  Her eyes light up as if he was in her daydream, as if he was reading her mind (actually she punched him, solidly connecting, and yelled no way, but this version sounds better).  They spent the better part of that year talking and daydreaming about someday buying land and living their daydream.  Then one day he said to her or she said to him (it gets blurry who said what since by this time most of their thoughts were the same anyway) why wait?  So, two rings, a quick ceremony, and a moving truck later, the city slickers were farmers.  Then one night he said to her or she said to him (still blurry) you’re going to think I’m crazy but we should look into these animals I’ve been reading about.  Depending on who tells the story it was either another magical it’s like you can read my mind moment or she punched him and yelled no way.  Either way, they were, of course talking about alpacas and that’s how Daydreamer Ranch became a reality.

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